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Dr. David J Carey, Consulting Psychologist

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David J. Carey is a psychologist with over 25 years experience in both clinical and educational settings. Trained in America he has been associated with Don Dinkmeyer, Ph.D, author of over 30 books and the founder of the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) which is used throughout the world. Dr. Dinkmeyer was David’s mentor during his doctoral studies. David has also studied with Albert Ellis, Ph.D., one of the pioneers of cognitive-behaviour therapy. During his course of study David was enrolled in the Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy in New York.

For many years David worked in both out-patient and in-patient mental health services and founded a forensic practice with a consultant psychiatrist where they engaged in forensic assessments, hypnosis and psychotherapy. Here in Ireland David has been associated with the Froebel College of Education where he created several post-graduate training programmes for special education teachers, including a Master’s Degree in Special Needs.

In his practice David provides assessments and psychotherapy. For the past nine years he has been involved in assessing children to determine the suitability of their special education programmes. This work has seen him provide expert witness testimony in numerous High Court cases.

He has a particular interest in the impact of trauma, distress and chaos on the child’s brain and combines this work with its relevance to early childhood education and the curriculum in Infant Classrooms.

David has been a trainer of teachers all over Ireland and has spoken to numerous parent and professional groups.

David’s practice is aimed to provide comprehensive services to children, teenagers and adults. The practice is not limited to assessment, clinical services are provided.

Office hours are flexible, evening appointments are available and select Saturday office hours can be organised.

For an appointment you may ring: +353 (0) 1 2100600

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